Fusion Underground...

Producer & Director: Joe Gray | fusiondance.life
Co-Director: Wren LaFeet | dancecocrea.com 
Cinematography: David L. Minard | TinyGlowPhoto.com
Music: Cabu & Akacia - Gold
Editor: Joe Gray
Dancers: Andy CerronaErica French, Joe Gray, Wren LaFeet, Chrissy Mehnert, Trina Spiller
Special Thanks: Haven Underground, Cocrèa Mindful Partner Dance, Foothills Fusion Dance, Desire Lab


Moderngram is releasing a short film every 15th of the month plus extra writings updates about movement and dance and the creative process of the films plus extra behind the scenes footage for fun.... 
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Released in 2016/2017:

"Ravendoe" was Shaila and Erica's first film collaboration. This was a special project because Shaila and Erica both filmed and danced, "tag teaming" the production and performance.  Costume and makeup were also done by them both, with choreography by Erica, and Post Production by Shaila. 

"Ravendoe" was elected as Third Place Audience Award at the 3-Min Film Festival and was showcased at the Third Coast Dance Film Festival in 2016.'

"Hello Human", The First Layer

"Hello Human" was an experiment in lighting and also layered video performance. The first Layer, is seen below, with the second and third layers below that. The final layer was a live performance filmed by both Shaila and another videographer in the Downtown Dance Collective's Valentine's Day Show, "Love Letters" on February 14th, 2017...  You'll see the original first layer is used as a "backdrop" for the final live performance, in which the audience got to enjoy the filming experience. 

"Hello Human" the Second Layer

Videography Performance by Shaila Emerson, danced by Erica French

"Boast Nothing" a short film

Filmed on an iPhone 7. Music, Improv and Post Production by Erica French

"Boast Nothing" was an experiment in upper body gestural movement, and in sound. Erica used a Korg Minilugue for the majority of the sound.