Shaila Emerson

Videographer for Fox11 News Reno, Producer, Dancer, Visionary and biggest partner with Modengram. Shaila has the Magic Eye, and captures dreams on lens. Shaila has been working with Erica since she moved to Reno in 2015. Erica and Shaila immediately became friends, and have both bonded through the short film projects they have done together (among other things!). Shaila is the "Raven" to Erica's "Doe."  (See short film, "Ravendoe" on the Trailers page, Shaila and Erica's first collaboration, which was elected as Third Place audience Award at the 3-Min Film Festival and was showcased at the Third Coast Dance Film Festival). 

Shaila has partnered with Modernram in the following films:

  • Ravendoe: Videographer, Producer, Editor, and Dancer 
  • Stages: Videographer, Producer, Editor, and Dancer 
  • Inhale: Videographer 
  • pic credit: Erica French, Moderngram

More by Shaila Visit her Vimeo:


Erica French, Founder of Moderngram

Dancer, Producer and choreographer of Moderngram. 

Erica loves connecting with people via art.  There's more to a person than social interaction. She feels torn between her love of visuals, movement, sound and words. And coffee.  So she keeps all of them in various combinations of exploration. There is always a hidden meaning. Life would be a chaotic scramble without the ability to take the intanhgible tangible through art. 

Pic credit, Adam Dahir Photography 


Becky TachIhara

Becky's mind is perfect for fitting the most beautiful clips together and I feel like sometimes she is reading my mind. She loves creating documentaries and is currently documenting Adam Dahir's creative Storytelling Photography process. 

Becky's Talents are Videography, Pre and Post Production and has worked in the following Projects: 

  • "Inhale" Film, as Co-Producer, Post Production Editing and Videography
  • "Dust" Photoshoot with Adam Dahir Photography 
  • "Water" Photoshoot with Adam Dahir Photography 

Adam Dahir 


Photographer, Artist



Adam Dahir sees what is overlooked. What is overlooked is often what needs to be seen. He is a connector of people and inspires vision. In his shoots, he will take you to the most honest place, to get the most honest picture. 

Adam says: I am a photographer and graphic designer located in Reno, NV and all over the world. I am a storyteller, an individual who fights to find the real and passionate, the grit and the pain, the bits and pieces that allow somebody to move. (

Adam's Shoots Include: 

The "Dust" Photoshoot

The "Water" Photoshoot


Lindsey Williams


Dancer, Improv Artist 

Lindsey is from Oregon, and lives in Seattle. But location matters nothing to her artistry. Or everything. When we shot "Bargaining", as part of the Stages Short Film Series, She took her technique and the choreography and coupled it with her artistry to create moments during the shoot that felt like I was watching a dream come to life. The trees seemed  more still in her evolution of self to fit the slanted, uneven pine straw laden ground, the slats of sun through the trees and the mirrors that showed only fragments of her reality. Lindsey takes my breath away and it isn't her dancing skills, but what is intanigble that comes through from her soul. Lindsey has also been co-founder of Althea Fantast with Erica French in Seattle, WA.

Dancer and Improv Artist for "Bargaining", a short film in the short film series, "Stages."

Dancer in short film "Hello Human", a Moderngram mixed media short film experiment.  

IMG_0818 2.jpg

Vanessa Koepsell


Dancer, Improv Artist


Vanessa is the kind of person that calms but also delivers the most haunting expression. She is fluid in her movement, solid of mind and execute as a professional would. Vanessa has been the trunk to Moderngram's growth and encouragement of projects, by being present, being focused, one of the most understanding, and adventurous dancers, trying averaging, doing anything... 

Vanessa has danced, toured and performed professionally. She currently lives in Reno, NV with her Husband Timmy. 

Dancer and Improv Artist in "Inhale" Film

Dancer and Improv Artist in Tony Walker's Arts Reception at the Potentialist Workshop, 9/28/2017

Dancer and Improv Artist in the final Short Film "Acceptance" of "Stages."

Dancer and Improv Artist of "Water" Photoshoot with Adam Dahir

Dancer in Tony Walker's Art's Reception Live Performance, "Sultry Soultry." 

Photo Credit: Adam Dahir of



Moriah Wegman

Dancer, Improv Artist, Moriah has been working with Erica since 2016 in a local Reno Modern Dance Company, Evoke, as well as Moderngram Projects. Moriah has a fiery intense presence with a fluidity of movement and length of limbs. A lioness on the stage, with the poise of a thoroughbred...She is a true performer and artist with beauty to match. When she moves she has a grace that floats in space with an under curve of strength that comes out in sparks of energy. See her perform next in BOXES, a Moderngram full length production, on July 27, 28, and 29th at the Bluebird, Reno, 7:30pm. 






Dancer and Improv Artist in Short film "Inhale", in 

Adam Dahir's "Water" Photoshoot, "Anger", a Short film in the 6 short film Series "Stages" and

 Tony Walker's Art's Reception Live Performance, "Sultry Soultry."




















Melissa Ann Ennis a divine presence of inspiration, harnessing the world around her like space and time were wild horses at her disposal. She is bursting at the seams with constant ideas, all of them from a place of what a true Artist is made of. She is a unicorn. 

Melissa is a dance instructor at the Loft Dance Studio, and is a Producer of H I V E M I N D, Reno's newest artist collective. Melissa has a degree in Dance from the University of Reno, and has choreographed and performed for Downtown Dance Collective, and is a company member of Rosie Trump; With or Without. 



Kimberly Yukes made of Angel stardust. She moves with the litheness of light and the strength of the earth. Her spirit is quite literally probably made of something like gold, and her heart most likely the rarest gemstones...

Kim is a wife, mother, aerialist and Lover of Life...she has loved dance since the youngest age and dreamed of being a ballerina. Her sister taught her ballet when she was only 2, and they would constantly put on shows for the family. She began formal training in Las Vegas and graduated from LVA as a dance major. That is where she first fell in love with modern dance. She then moved around a lot and trained and performed in many places including Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City. She graduated summa cum laude from UNLV with a BA in Psychology. After training at the Ailey school in New York City, she quit dance for many years and started a family. She turned to yoga and aerial silks instead but felt that something was missing from her life. She is very happy to have returned to dance for the past few years....Her most recent performances include The University of Reno's Fall and Spring Dance Productions, has performed with Downtown Dance Collective's Love Letters in 2017, and also with Collateral and Co, in 2017. 

See her perform many interesting forms of movement in BOXES, a Moderngram love production, at The Bluebird, July 27, 28, and 28, 7:30pm....